Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ - Hair Tea

Ayurvedic tea for hair growth support. Make it a nightly beauty ritual. This adaptogenic tea protects your hair & scalp from stress. It blends 14 growth supporting botanicals, harvested from the soils of conscious organic farmers. Bursting with South African rooibos (a potent antioxidant), growth supporting rose flower, sweet peppermint, fragrant jasmine green tea, and soothing lavender. Formulated to elevate scalp wellness, healthy hair, and overall Zen.

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Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ ayurvedic hair growth teaGro-Well + Stress-Less™ ayurvedic hair growth tea next to natural herbs and tea strainer

Who It’s For:

Perfect for those looking for a more natural way to reduce stress & boost hair growth. 

What It Is:

An anti-stress ayurvedic tea for hair growth support.  Fourteen growth supportive botanicals & adaptogens, scientifically formulated to de-stress, boost hair, and induce Zen.  Elevates wellness and vibrational healing.

How to Use:

Add 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for 5-7 minutes covered and enjoy as part of your nightly self-care bedtime ritual.

Why It's Unique:

Rejuvenate & Gro
Scalp defense

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