Edjuva™ - Nourish & Grow Edge Oil

Rejuvenate edges & protect them from styling stress with this power packed anti-stress edge oil. Infused for over 4 weeks with 20 bioactive botanicals to support edge growth. Growth supporting red clover and raspberry leaf, adaptogenic schisandra berry to de-stress edges, and invigorating clary sage flower oil for elevated energy.

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herbs and bottle of edge growth oil from Bloomballa BeautyBottle of Edjuva edge growth oil Carton and bottle of edge growth oil from Bloomballa Beauty

Who It’s For:

Perfect for those who have thin edges or overall thinning, and for those who wear wigs, weaves, or braids, and are looking to maintain a healthy hairline and boost overall growth.

What It Is:

Anti-stress edge growth oil infused for over 4 weeks with 20
powerful antioxidant and growth supporting botanicals.  De-stress and rejuvenate edges while supporting scalp health & hair growth.   

How to Use:

Massage 1-2 pumps into your hairline and scalp twice daily for 2-3 minutes.

Why It's Unique:

Rejuvenate & Gro
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