Tricho+Calm™ Tea Rinse - Dry Scalp Treatment

Calming anti-stress dry scalp tea rinse treatment. Packed with 11 bioactive whole plants that restore, repair, and soothe the scalp. Adaptogenic schisandra berry reduces scalp stress, peppermint leaf supports hair growth, and grapefruit defends stressed scalp.

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Tricho+Calm™ tea rinse treatment for try scalpTricho+Calm™ Tea Rinse - Dry Scalp TreatmentTricho+Calm™ Tea Rinse - Dry Scalp TreatmentTricho+Calm™ Tea Rinse - Dry Scalp TreatmentPackage of Tricho+Calm™ tea rinse for dry scalp from Bloomballa Beauty

Who Needs Dry Scalp Tea Rinse Treatment?

Perfect for those looking for a natural treatment for dry scalp and struggling with itchy, irritated, flaky, or stressed scalp. Good for all hair types.

Benefits of Dry Scalp Tea Rinse

This 100% natural, flake-busting, and pH balanced weekly scalp treatment is packed with stress-protective adaptogens and soothing botanicals to shield against dandruff and irritation. Designed to work with your favorite hair products.

How to Use Dry Scalp Tea Rinse Treatment

1. Add 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of boiling water, steep covered for 30 minutes and let cool.
2. After shampooing, saturate your hair with Tricho+Calm™ Tea Booster, massage into your scalp and apply your favorite conditioner.
3. Wrap hair in a towel or plastic cap, let marinate for 20 minutes, rinse and then continue with post-conditioning styling routine.
*Recommended usage once weekly.

Why It's Unique:

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