Beard+Optima™ - Beard Revival Serum + Adaptogens

Anti-stress beard growth supplement. Beard-boosting and skin calming. This strengthening and restorative serum delivers soothing, powerful nourishment and amplified luster for a game-changing beard. Infused for over 4 weeks with antioxidant calendula to soothe and protect against environmental pollution, moisturizing and age-defending slippery elm, and growth supporting nettle and hibiscus flower.

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Beard Growth Serum | Facial Hair Growth SerumBeard Growth Serum | Facial Hair Growth SerumBeard Growth Serum | Facial Hair Growth Serum

Who It’s For:

Perfect for those looking to combat the effects of stress and grow a thicker, lustrous, game-changing beard. Also great as after-shave serum for beard and scalp skin to smooth and soothe.

What It Is:

A powerful anti-stress beard growth supplement.  A restorative serum of 17 bioactive botanicals & stress-protective adaptogens. Infused for over 4 weeks.  Helps detox, revive, and pamper your
beard. Smooths, softens, and reduces flaking and irritation.  Also serves as a toxin combating aftershave.

How to Use:

Massage 1-2 pumps into your beard or scalp for 2-3 minutes. Use daily. 

Why It's Unique:

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