Tea Rituals to Restore Beauty and Wellness

Tea Rituals to Restore Beauty and Wellness

Inhaling the aromas.  Noticing the colors in the tea. Feeling the soothing warmth of the tea on your lips and tongue.  Your tea ritual enlivens the senses and boosts calm—all while the healing potency of bioactive botanicals support, defend and nourish your body.


The Benefits of a Tea Ritual

From China and Japan to Morocco and the British Isles, cultures all over the world have reaped the health and wellness benefits of the ritual of tea.  Tea rituals are age old, and the benefits are undeniable.  The smell of the potent herbs and flowers, the sounds of hot water pouring over leaves and blooms, the simple act of slowing down—and just breathing; these are all integral parts of a ritual tea ceremony.  A ceremony that yields wellness and calm.  A ceremony that is the epitome of self-care.  

Your self-care ritual tea ceremony needn’t be fancy or intricate.  But it should be your time.  A time to focus on your breathing, a time for deep appreciation, presence and wellness.  



What You Need: Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ tea, tea strainer, hot water, teacup


How to Perform a Tea Ritual:

  1. Find a soft pillow seat or chair, a quiet room, a place to be fully present to receive your ritual of self-care.
  1. While the water becomes hot, focus on your breathing, your thoughts, what it is that you need to release, and what it is that you need to receive.
  1. When your water is hot, put a teaspoon of Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ into your strainer and slowly pour the water over your tea leaves and blossoms.  Focus on the sounds of the water, the warmth of the steam on your hands, the smell of the blooms as they infuse and begin to release their healing potency.
  1. Return to your quiet spot as your tea continues to infuse.  Inhale the scent of the tea.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breathing.  Enjoy your tea slowly, feeling the wonder of nature release into your body.  Sink into this gift of time and mindfulness.
  1. Enjoy the flavors, the texture the warmth that you feel inside.  Focus on the healing energy of nature—and knowing that you’ve done this for yourself.