Slow Beauty: What It Is and Why Beauty Rituals Matter

Slow Beauty: What It Is and Why Beauty Rituals Matter

Slow beauty honors holistic rituals, self-care and nourishing essentials that are not only good for our outer beauty, but also champion our inner wellness and calm.


What is Slow Beauty?

Slow Beauty is a slower, more conscious and intentional approach to beauty, focusing on long-term sustainable solutions, instead of quick fixes. It’s about having a beauty ritual, pared down to clean holistic essentials, and experiencing this beauty ritual in a deeply sensorial way. Slow beauty practices heal us physically, psychologically and spiritually.

A slow beauty routine refrains from cheap, mass-produced ingredients and a ‘quick-fix-band-aid approach’ to beauty, and instead focuses on the holistic and the incredible gift of self-care.  Slow beauty acknowledges whole botanicals and quality foundational ingredients that nurture and support your beauty from within.  Slow beauty honors the healing power of bioactive botanicals, adaptogens and aromatherapy. 

Slow beauty is about being more mindful about what we consume and what we put on our hair and our skin, and about being more conscientious and ritualistic about our self-care, and how we take care of and celebrate ourselves.  


How to Incorporate a Slow Beauty Beauty Ritual

The bedrocks of slow beauty are mindfulness, ritualism, sensorial self-care, and a reverence for our connection to nature.  Slow beauty rituals are about giving time to yourself and your wellness. Like wellness, our scientifically formulated tea infusion serums take time to develop and nurture.  


Our serums are formulated with our proprietary Radical Botanical Infusionprocess, which sets a new standard for performance, quality and craftmanship.  To make the best of something requires time, patience and reverence for nature.   


herbs and botanicals infusing in flasks

Each of our tea infusion serums take more than 4-weeks to infuse, concentrate and harvest.  Our intensive micro-batched infusions focus on quality over quantity, and are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.  They are a celebration of the principle of slow beauty.