How Being Outside Can Make You Healthier

How Being Outside Can Make You Healthier

Your environment, the air you breathe, and the land around you all play a key role in your health, well-being, and resistance to the forces of aging.  Green and blue spaces have been shown to improve your vitality and wellness. It’s time to take a step out of your busy life, and a step into a green or blue space.


Get Outside to Get Healthier

Getting outside and having access to green and blue spaces is vital for your self-care and well-being.  Green spaces include non-paved surfaces (think soil and grassy expanses), areas with trees, shrubs, fields and few man-made structures.  Parks, squares, gardens and even tree-lined streets can be green spaces.  Blue spaces are areas that have water as a prominent feature—think beaches, lakefronts, rivers and streams.  

Spending time outside in blue spaces is associated with improved mood, vitality and mental health.  Likewise, green spaces have been shown to have multiple health boosting benefits.  Spending more time in green spaces has been associated with a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.  


Green spaces are also associated with increased well-being, reduced stress and improvement in stress hormone levels.  Those spending time in green spaces also have a lower physical decline as they age.  


Being Outdoors Reduces Stress

Managing stress is key for not only your health, but also your skin and hair.  Stress can lead to imbalance—which can damage skin, speed aging, impair your health and cause hair loss.  

In addition to managing stress by spending time in blue and green spaces, using adaptogenic products like Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ tea can help with your stress defense.  Adaptogens, like those in Gro-Well + Stress-Less™ tea, assist in healing, and help defend the body, skin and hair against physical, environmental and even emotional stressors.