Adaptogens for Hair Growth

Adaptogens for Hair Growth

Adaptogens are a group of natural herbs and botanicals that are useful for hair growth and health because they have special properties that help your scalp resist and manage stress and irritation. They have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  Adaptogens assist in healing, and help defend the scalp against physical, environmental and even emotional stressors.  


How Adaptogens Work for Hair Growth

Adaptogens are helpful for supporting hair growth and hair health because they help the scalp to defend against stress.  They help your scalp adjust to physical, emotional and environmental stressors, and also help to harmonize the scalp and follicles.   They help your body adjust to physical, emotional and biological stress.  Adaptogens help to stimulate the stress protection response of the body, keeping the your scalp in balance and reducing follicle fatigue.


Why Your Scalp Needs Adaptogens

Your body is constantly bombarded by stress:   Emotional stressors from work or our relationships; environmental stressors like pollution, or the chemicals in our skin and hair products; and even the stress of illness or bodily disharmony.  

Stress upsets the delicate homeostasis (balance) within your scalp.  When this occurs, imbalance can result.  Imbalance can wreak havoc in the body.  It can destroy hair follicles, and damage the skin.  Imbalance shows up on your skin, your hair, and in the way that you feel and move.


Adaptogens help to boost the stress protection response of the body, keeping the body in balance and reducing harmful cellular fatigue.
Adaptogens for Hair Growth

How Bloomballa Beauty Uses Adaptogens

Because we recognize the correlation between stress, imbalance, hair loss and skin and scalp problems, all  of our products are scientifically formulated to contain adaptogens to help heal your skin and scalp and defend against stress. Our proprietary 30-day infusion process, Radical Botanical Infusion™, vigorously extracts the benefits of each of our carefully selected adaptogens, each of which support your scalp and hair in different ways.  

Revita+Fol™ - Defense Serum + Adaptogens provides anti-pollution defense.  It is a powerful infusion of 20 bioactive botanicals that support growth, reduce follicle fatigue, and protect from daily environmental stressors.  It is formulated with the adaptogen Moringa, which reduces irritation.  

Damage Defender AOx™ - Detox Serum + Antioxidants protects your hair from breakage and defends your scalp from the damage of chemical treatments and protective styling. Rich in free radical reducing antioxidants, Damage Defender AOx™ contains the potent adaptogen, Holy Basil (known as Tulsi in Hindi) which is revered for its ability to combat stress and support balance.


Edjuva™ - Rejuvenation Serum + Adaptogens nourishes hair edges, which are often the first place to show stress and hair loss.  It supports healthy hair growth and is perfect for those that wear braids, weaves or other protective styles.  It is rich in adaptogenic schisandra berry.  Schisandra berry has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to help protect the scalp and hair from the effects of stress. 

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